How to Buy

TicketIn Sells TICKETS only on-line. TicketIn allow Event Organizers to create Booking Events, there are FREE BOOKING events and PAID FOR BOOKING events, for FREE BOOKINGS you just fill your details and your information is sent to the event organizer when your ticket is generated and emailed to you. For PAID BOOKINGS, you purchase a ticket and after the payment is received you are required to fill the booking form also to personalize your ticket and your information is sent to the event organizer and you receive your tickets.

If you do not fill the booking form after paying for your tickets, we will send 3 emails at the interval of 1 hour between each reminder to fill the form, if you don't we will automatically generate the tickets without your details and fill generic information on the fields.

1. From the Home Page or Event Category (Social, Night Life, Spiritual, etc) Select Buy/Book Now.

2. Select Quantity, if the event has multiple tickets, select quantity per ticket, e.g 2 x VIP and 2 x General Admission or 1 x General and Leave VIP at 0 if you do not intend to buy VIP Ticket or the other types and then Select your payment Method and click Order Now.

3. Fill in your details these are mandatory for Payment Gateways and we use them to personalize your ticket, we may use them to contact you only if there was a problem with your order.

4. Depending on your selected Payment Gateway you will be redirected to their website to complete the payment, if you selected Instant EFT you will be redirected to iPay and if you selected Card payment you will be redirected to PayGate.